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Gypsy's skeleton is made from 1 1/2" PVC pipe, I use two 1' lengths at the top, one 4' length for the center and one 2' piece at the base
45 degree couplings are used to join the pipes to form an "S" as shown here
A 3" floor-flange with a reducer is placed on the top of the "skeleton" and a 5' section of 4" black drainage hose is slid over over the pipes from the bottom
I made a stand from 3/4" plywood and an another floor-flange
I added a set of "handle bars" to make her more controllable
These were made from 1" PVC pipe and bolted to the skeleton, just below the drain pipe.  If you want a remote for her lamp, run the wire through the pipe now
gyp1.jpg (5712 bytes) gyp2.jpg (7369 bytes) gyp3.jpg (5327 bytes)
Here's Gypsy's head
in it's natural state
A GM or Century Infant Seat
You'll need to "gut" it and remove the rivets to separate the 2 halves
Next the inner half of the seat must be cut to fit inside the the outer half
I use a "Sawzall" but it can be done with a sharp knife in about 3 or 4 weeks
a jigsaw will also work
Attach the upper half of the seat to the floor-flange with 3/8 x 1" bolts
Hold the lower jaw in place (it really helps to have a friend there) and drill a 7/8" hole through both halves of the seat on both sides
gyp1.jpg (5712 bytes) gyp2.jpg (7369 bytes) gyp3.jpg (5327 bytes)
Slide a 1/2" PVC pipe 16" long through the holes, the pipe should be cut on 45 degree angles at the ends and install the Eveready 108 flashlight with two #4 x 3/4" self-tapping screws
I use 2" foam pipe insulation for the upper lip.  A spring is placed at the rear of the head to retract the lower jaw
After making sure everything fits well and operates freely,  take everything apart, sand it and paint it.....
I use gray primer
2 coats of Painter's Touch Gloss Purple
and a finish coat of Testor's #1631 Purple metalflake
Pep Boys sells a spray-on fabric dye available in white, red and gray that's great for changing Gypsy's lip color
Don't try painting the lip with regular paint, it will crack and peel off
A string just dangles from the lower jaw to operate the mouth