Building Instructions


Here's what you'll need
2) Copco lettuce Bowls
1) 4" tall 3" dia. plastic cup
Some red electrical tape
Flat white paint


Take the lids from the bowls and attach them together with glue, screws, a welder or cold fusion.
As long as they're together, it's fine


Next drill a 1/16" hole in the center of the top and inset a small hook-eye
This is so you can hang Cambot


Cut your cup down to
 2 1/2" in height.
A 3/4" notch will need to be cut into the bottom.
Use a saw, hot-knife, carpet knife, grinder or Dremel Tool


Next paint the bowl flat white.  Hanging it from a rafter really makes painting easy, although ripping down the ceiling may really piss-off the landlord.
Paint the cup as well now


Once everything is dry.
Take the red tape and add it to the center seam
(the red is optional as it was only used in a few episodes)

Not Shown
to protect the

glue, screw (see #2) the cup to the bowl.
The notch should match the seam where the bowls join


Add some black tape to the edge of the cup


I found a 2" compact mirror in my wife's make-up box that fit exactly in the bottom of the cup and glued it in.
Don't tell her I took it...

There you have it, my version of CamBot,
the easiest of all the Bots to build.